Serge Lutens - Chergui EDP - unisex - she loves oriental fragrances with their depth and complexity. They match her enigmatic, enticing spirit. She prefers sweet scents and appreciates fine artistry as well as a bit of the French charm. She's not afraid to wear elaborate fragrances with a strong, sensual temperament underlined by a tinge of tenderness.

Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 EDT - unisex - she's spontaneous, loves surprises and doesn't shy away from any adventure. She doesn't need to be the centre of attention, but a compliment will never go amiss. She knows that soft, woody notes can be just as feminine as the scent of flowers.

Montale - Intense Cafe EDP - unisex - she actively seeks out bold fragrances that suit her perfectly. She loves perfumes that manage to be both attention-grabbing and natural. She's captivated by the gourmet combination of coffee and vanilla topped with rose, and she simply can't resist a proper French perfume.

Juliette Has a Gun - Lady Vengeance EDP - for women - the deep and enchanting scent of rose marks her path. She prefers an opulent, dark, delightful rose over the sweet and predictable one. She flourishes at the centre of attention, captivating everyone with her charm... and her perfume.

Montale - Roses Musk EDP - for women - she loves clear, unassuming scents, fragrances that don't strive to provoke, accentuating her subtly graceful nature instead. She loves roses and sees in them the symbol of immaculate beauty. The best perfume for her is the one that hints at her veiled sensuality.

Mancera - Roses Vanille EDP - for women - she loves sweet and prominent scents that last for hours. The combination of rose and vanilla is especially divine to her. Most of all, her signature perfume should be carefree and playful.

Creed - Love in White EDP - for women - she adores clean, powdery scents. She seeks a refined, natural perfume, perfect for every day. She doesn't need to be the centre of attention, what she wants is simply to smell beautiful. She appreciates the value of true quality.

Montale - Pure Gold EDP - for women - the combination of fruity and floral notes is her favourite. It's the epitome of romance and nostalgia for her first perfume. She's fascinated by a perfume's ability to tie memories in with the present, to connect our childhood to adulthood, playfulness to subtlety. For her, a fragrance is an eternal marriage of these contradictions.

Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan EDP - for women - she's long outgrown all the light flowery and citrussy fragrances. Her tastes are bold, her character audacious. She won't settle for mediocrity. Her perfume must be complex and elaborate, ideally with oriental notes. Her favourites are deep and warm winter scents.

Montale - Dark Purple EDP - for women - she loves rose, but she always tries to find something new and daring in it. A warm scent of plum topped with a rose note might just fit the bill. Her perfume needs to be unique and distinctive, just like her personality.

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